feminized vs regular seeds

Feminized Vs Regular marijuana seeds

Autoflower Vs. Feminized (Photoperiod) Vs. Regular – Wse

On the other hand, feminized seeds have attained exceptionally elevated amounts of consistency in terms of value, impact, and taste over the years, to the point that they have reduced regular seeds to a bare 10% profit margin. Advantages of Feminized Cannabis Seeds ● Most often produce female plants ● Delete the 50/50 hereditary chance ● Perfect for producers who want to produce dank bud ● Optimize the growing method, thus saving money Disadvantages of Feminized Cannabis Seeds ● They aren’t good for breeding ● Sometimes become hermaphrodites dues to poor genes or environmental tension ● Yield less productive clones (in most cases, growers must start from seed) Autoflowering Following the launch of feminized seeds in 2008, auto-flowering seeds, also recognized as automatic seeds, became viable.

CBD-rich weed types can not only benefit patients who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or more severe illnesses like multiple sclerosis, but they can also allow recreational cannabis usage to be more sustainable and consistent with everyday tasks. In terms of cultivation, you can find CBD-rich feminized and auto-flowering varieties. Advantages of CBD ● Works to treat inflammatory conditions ● Lessens nausea and vomiting ● Reduces convulsive disorder ● Has a relaxing influence without causing high ● Adequate THC values in certain strains Disadvantages of CBD ● Isn’t the best selection for those looking for a lot of THC ● Will not have a strong psychoactive impact Conclusion Each alternative has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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There aren’t any best or worse choices like there are with almost everything; it just relies on your desires and situations. You would be best off with one form or the other based on your level of experience, where you work, and your product’s objectives.

They are identical on the outside, it would be impossible to recognize if the plant comes from a regular or feminized seed. However, in their genome, they do have a big difference, and that is that feminized seeds only contain female chromosomes (XX). This is so because to create 100% female seeds it is necessary to pollinate a female with another female, that is, (XX) x (XX).

Feminized VS Regular marijuana seeds

Regular Vs. Feminized Vs. Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The only difference is that from a feminized seed only female specimens should come out, while from a regular seed both female and male or even intersex or hermaphrodite can come out. Hermaphrodite feminized seeds can also be found, but this is due to a bad choice of parents in the breeding of the variety, therefore, can we say that feminized seeds are good? Many people ask us if they will have as much flavour as the others, or if they will come out strong, they even doubt if feminized seeds are less powerful, the answer is that they are completely equal to the normal ones, so if they do not come out good it is because of the production process or because of a bad selection of them where you can see a seed of a regular variety compared to a feminized one* 🎯 Are feminized seeds better than regular ones? It depends on what you mean by better.

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With regular ones, it is necessary to put approximately twice as many plants, so that when removing the males there are enough females to fill well the entire cultivation space. With feminized varieties, you can make better use of the growing space, as well as save on substrate and products such as fertilizers, insecticides, etc.

The most puritanical growers say that contain more hybrid vigour than feminized ones. It really doesn’t have much to do, hybrid vigour is achieved by mixing 2 different breeds, and it is greater the further they are from each other. The same goes for feminized ones, whoever doesn’t believe me should cultivate a and think whether it is vigorous or not.

Many people think that regular strains are better for creating seeds, or that feminized strains are not good for breeding, we have found that this is not the case, when a plant is a sexually pure female it doesn’t matter if it comes from regular or feminized seeds.✅ Advantages of feminized seeds, they come from 2 elite clones in most cases, You can germinate only the seeds you need, Saves on time, resources and work, No sexing is required, which can be difficult for new growers 🔥 Advantages of regular seeds, They are the originals, for many their genetics are purer, Both males and females come out, so you can easily create new seeds, They do not need the intervention of chemical agents for their production, They are more effective as mother plants in serving clones according to some people⛳ Infographicsinfographics that represent the advantages of feminized and regular seeds*✨ Conclusion, It must be clear that the most important thing in the quality of cannabis seeds is their genetics, and this is indifferent if it comes from regular or feminized plants.

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Regular And Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Zamnesia

It is important to know the level of stress they are capable of withstanding, as this is another quality they will transmit to their offspring, but feminized plants that are sexually stable, that withstand high levels of hydric, light, thermal stress, etc. are as good at creating seeds as stable regular ones.

Both of these types are relatively recent developments when you consider that cannabis has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years. Regular cannabis seeds are produced when a male cannabis plant pollinates a female cannabis plant. Male pollen is released from ripe pollen sacs and blown by the wind (or carried by the careful hand of a breeder) until it finds the receptive stigmas in female flowers.

Watch out for seeds described as ‘100% female’, as this is nothing more than a marketing ploy! The main advantage for growers who choose feminized cannabis seeds is that they don’t have to identify or remove male plants which would cause pollination. Unless the gardener desires more seeds, rather than buds, this is an essential part of the cultivation process.

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