How to Increase Marijuana Yields

How to Increase Marijuana Yields

16 Ways To Increase Your Cannabis Yields – Rqs Blog

However, the (strain) you start with will have a huge effect on your final results and yields. For growers who want to start with high-yielding genetics, I’ve listed some popular & potent high-yielding cannabis strains in the bonus section below the main article, along with grower notes to help you provide each strain with exactly what it needs.

You need to provide enough light intensity to prevent young cannabis plants from stretching or growing too tall and falling over. Example: The seedling to the left is stretching upwards because it is not getting enough light. The plant is trying to “reach” up towards what it thinks is the sun.

Tall, tower-like plants are hard to give proper light coverage in the flowering stage and will tend to get lower yields in most indoor setups. That’s because, during the stage (when plants start producing buds), higher light intensity is what drives the production of buds. For most small-scale indoor growing setups, finding ways to increase the amount of light getting to the bud sites throughout the flowering stage is the most straightforward and effective way to increase your final yields.

Indoor cannabis grows lights provide the highest light levels close to the actual bulb. The further away from the bulb of cannabis grow light, the less intense the brightness experienced by the plant. Because of this, it is tough to provide bright light to all the buds on a cannabis plant when the colas are in uneven lengths or at different heights.

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Increase Your Marijuana Yield – 5 Tips

Cannabis growth patterns are something you have complete control over in the vegetative stage (addressed in the plant training section below) and taking the time to manipulate your young plants to make good use of your indoor grow lights is one of the best ways to increase your yields with the same lights.

Why do buds need to be exposed? In the wild, cannabis buds are pollinated by the wind and need light from the sun to power the growth of seeds. A cannabis bud in the wild that is not exposed to air and light is unlikely to get pollinated, so the plant tends to not put much effort into the hidden middle and lower buds on the plant.

If you consider that light is like food for your plant, maxing out the light is like putting so much food on the table that your plants hurt themselves trying to finish their plates. Plants provided with too bright light can experience light burn even if temps are cool when the light intensity gets too high.

When you’ve reached the ultimate max of light that your plants can use, you still have a trick up your sleeve to further increase your yields. You can give your plants the ability to use even more of that light (and increase your bud yields even further) by increasing the in your grow room during the flowering stage.

How to Increase Marijuana Yields

5 Ways To Increase Yields (With Any Strain) – Grow Weed Easy

The way additional CO2 works is it increases the amount of light your plant can use at very high light levels. With smaller grow lights like CFLs, a T5, even a 400W HID grow light, it is very unlikely that your light is bright enough to bring your plants to the point where they are being limited by CO2.

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For most plants, providing a source of fresh air will give plants all the CO2 they need. But if your plants have maxed out on light, artificially raising CO2 levels in the grow room can help plants use even more of the light and turn it into energy for growth.

Learn more about LST here: A variation of LST is when growers use a or net to act as a guide with which to force plants to grow flat. This technique is known as Scr, OG (short for “Screen Of Green”). Scr, Og is how you achieve something like this…Notice how practically the whole plant is getting direct exposure from the lights.

Any time you notice any colas growing taller than the others, but are unable to use bending to pull down that errant cola out and away from the center of the plant, you can use super cropping to force any plant to bend. Super Cropping Marijuana Tutorial: Simple Secret to Bigger Yields: Now when it comes to planting training, there are lots of methods that involve actually your plant, or removing stems and/or leaves.

Marijuana Plant Yield – Tips & Tricks On Larger Harvests

One is to ‘top’ the plant and one is to ‘FIM’ the plant. With both techniques, you remove some of the growth on the end of the main cola of your young cannabis plant, which causes the plant to stop focusing on one cola (like a Christmas tree) and instead create many bud-laden colas (grow a sea of buds).

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