What Are Tangie Seeds

What Are Tangie Seeds?

The Tangie is a strain of cannabis developed by third generation cannabis cultivator Dave Crockett. He wanted to create a plant that would have a unique flavor and smell. To do so, he crossed the legendary Skunk with the Cali Orange. The result is a highly versatile plant that is easy to grow indoors and out. The plant’s eight to nine week growth cycle makes it a great choice for those who want a fast and easy indoor growing experience.

Tangie Strain Origin

The Tangie Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that was originally bred by DNA Genetics. It has a distinctive citrus aroma and flavor and has won several Cannabis Cup competitions. Its high is known to be uplifting and euphoric. This strain is a perfect choice for those who want to try cannabis without having a bad day.

The Tangie cannabis strain was bred by crossing two cannabis strains, Skunk and Cali-O. It has a 70% sativa dominance. Its citrus and tangerine flavor gives it its name. It offers medium yields and a nine to ten-week flowering period.

The Tangie strain is an excellent choice for recreational users. Its euphoric and cerebral high makes it ideal for socializing and creative problem solving. Its sativa dominance also makes it popular among the recreational community. Users will feel sufficiently stoned but not so high that they’re knocked out.

The Tangie strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. The best results are obtained when the plant is grown outdoors because it needs more sun and warmer temperatures. Its dominant terpenes are Beta Caryophyllene, Alpha Pinene, Alpha Humulene, and Limonene.

Effects Of Tangie

Tangie is a powerful strain of marijuana that can be helpful for various medical conditions, from chronic fatigue to general daytime tiredness. The high from this strain can cause hunger pangs, which can be beneficial for those who suffer from lack of appetite. It also has few side effects and is easy to grow. It does not require special climatic conditions and is resistant to most common plant ailments.

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This strain was developed by third generation cannabis cultivator Dave Crockett. He wanted to create a plant that had a unique taste and smell. To create this strain, he crossed the legendary Skunk with Cali Orange. Due to its large buds and citrus scent, the strain has a euphoric, cerebral effect.

The THC level in Tangie is between 19% and 22 percent, and it has a low CBD content of 0.1 percent. Its flavor is sweet and tangerine-like. The high THC content is what gives it its uplifting effects. However, it is not a beginner-friendly strain. Tangie is one of the strongest strains available, and it doesn’t produce a huge yield.

Because of its high terpene content, this strain is a great choice for medical marijuana users. It gives users a long-lasting, uplifting high, with an undertone of relaxation. It is also a good choice for socializing, as the effects of this strain will not leave you stoned. This strain prefers a warm Mediterranean climate and will also grow in northern European climates. The plants grow tall and have narrow foliage, so light penetration and proper growing conditions are necessary for successful growth.

The scent of Tangie seeds is very strong and distinctive. Its smell is a combination of citrus, skunk, and spice, with floral and earthy undertones. It has a very long-lasting citrus and herbal scent that is reminiscent of citrus fruit. It is very pleasant to the smell and tastes, and it can help a person relax.

As a cannabis plant, the Tangie needs a lot of sunlight. Its growth is fast, but requires proper soil and fertilizer. When grown outdoors, it can grow five meters high. Its yield is high, about six to seven hundred grams per square meter. It is also resistant to mould. It is an excellent strain for medical marijuana and recreational use.

Flowering & Yield

The cannabis strain Tangie is a sativa-dominant variety with many positive characteristics. This strain is highly resistant to pests and produces a high-quality flower that is loaded with terpenes. For this reason, it is an excellent choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

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Tangie seeds take around eight weeks to flower and have a pleasant orange smell. They grow to between 125 and 175 cm indoors and around 225 cm outdoors. They can go through large growth spurts, and need to be trimmed to maintain a proper size.

The aroma of this sativa-dominant strain is very distinctive. The smell includes notes of citrus, skunk, and floral undertones. The high content of myrcene and pinene contributes to the pleasant aroma. This strain is disease-resistant and has large, perfectly shaped flowers.

Tangie is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plant is very easy to grow and needs a moderate climate with temperatures between eighty and ninety degrees Fahrenheit. The plant should be grown in a climate of forty to fifty percent humidity. It will flower and yield approximately one ounce of prime citrusy green per square foot.

As with any cannabis strain, growing Tangie from seed requires careful attention to its environment and health. In addition to proper soil, it needs ample sunlight and warmth. To ensure a high yield, you need to prune lower branches to promote even nutrients flow and a satisfying harvest. For optimum growth, it’s a good idea to use organic supplements to keep the plant healthy.

The flowers of the Tangie seed cannabis plant have a thick resin coat. They contain approximately 19-22% THC, making them the dominant cannabinoid in the strain. In addition, the plant has a zesty aroma and flavor profile. The strain has notes of citrus, floral honey, and sour spice. Cannabis users report feeling energetic and relaxed after smoking it.

Tangie marijuana seeds grow well indoors or outdoors. They prefer warm climates and a soil mix that contains a high amount of organic matter. They can also be planted in SCROG style, which maximizes light exposure to the whole plant. Depending on the climate, this cannabis seed variety can be harvested between nine and ten weeks after planting.

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Tangie Seeds Final Thought

The Tangie strain is a potent hybrid with a medium height and a pungency that’s hard to resist. The buds feature medium green leaves with a significant number of orange pistils. Their ethereal white trichomes are covered with a high concentration of THC and terpenoids. During a high, the user may feel uplifted and happy while enjoying the buzz that Tangie seeds produce.

The Tangie cannabis plant is best grown in a warm, outdoor location and with a good supply of sunlight. It is known for its earthy, sweet and sour aromas, and is a perfect choice for those looking for a high-yield plant. However, it is best to look for feminized plants for maximum yield.

One of the most popular strains, Tangie is a strong and potent strain with an average THC content of 18-22%. It is a great choice for beginners or those who have become tired of smoking the same old strains. DNA Genetics, a cannabis seed company based in Amsterdam, saw the potential in this strain and added it to their legendary catalog.

This hybrid has won a number of awards and is a popular choice amongst growers. In 2017, it finished 2nd in the Cannabis Cup, beating out DNA for the Best Sativa. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, Tangie produces an energizing, euphoric buzz. It is a versatile choice and requires minimal care. It responds well to FIM pruning techniques.

This strain takes eight to ten weeks to flower. The plants will produce between one and eight ounces of prime citrusy green per square foot. In addition to being easy to grow, the Tangie is also resistant to pests and molds. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be rewarded with high-quality buds.

The Tangie strain is a popular hybrid derived from California orange and Skunk #1. Despite its positive aspects, the cannabis strain also has its downsides.

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